Five reasons to come sailing in 2023

Five reasons to come sailing in 2023

Looking for ways to motivate, reward and inspire your team in 2023? We have the perfect solution. Take a look at our top five reasons to consider a small team sailing day in 2023?

A team building sailing day can help employees feel:

  1. Motivated
  2. Rewarded
  3. Inspired
  4. Reconnected
  5. United

And let’s face it, we could all do with a little of that in 2023!

With 2023 fast approaching, now is the perfect time to plan for the future and motivate, reward, and inspire your team.

Britannia Corporate Events is the perfect team building company to deliver your event. We can facilitate small groups to re-connect face to face on the water in an isolated environment, away from others, enjoying an activity that takes place in the safety of the outdoors.

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Why not reward your team and plan a “small team” sailing day with Britannia Corporate Events and show the people that are most important to your business that you care? 

With team members spending less time together while working from home, many isolated, stuck in front of a computer screen all day, it’s more important than ever to bring your people together, allowing them to reconnect as a team and giving your loyal employees a day they deserve.

The value of bringing leadership teams back together, for a team building day learning to sail onboard a yacht in an unfamiliar environment, away from the office or home is more important than ever. While most teams have been forced to spend less time together, maintaining a company culture has been a real challenge. A day on water can help teams re-connect and refocus in the safety of the outdoors. It aids communication, cohesion, and teamwork and will encourage a team to work together.

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Alternatively, a sailing day can be a much more relaxed affair, giving your employees a feeling of wellbeing and escapism, away from the chaos of the last year, where your valued workers are rewarded with a relaxed day cruising around the south coast, while enjoying a gourmet catering package onboard.

Britannia Corporate Events offers fantastic value for money packages to fit your requirements. We build your day, your way!

  1. Decide you want to take your team sailing in 2023
  2. Define your goals – are you looking to motivate? Reward? Inspire? Reconnect?
  3. Decide your budget
  4. Create your guestlist
  5. Pick your date
  6. Contact Britannia Corporate Events and speak to one of event specialists
  7. Let us do the rest! As experts in our field, we promise to work with you to plan and deliver the best day ever and take the stress of event organising off your shoulders.

We are here to help your team re-connect and give them a team building experience that will motivate, reward, and inspire.

For more information or to book your day contact our events team now…

02380 458900 or

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