Be proud of who you are

Personalise your experience with our selection of branding extras, available for sailing days and regattas. 

With a range of options available, we will work with you to find the very best branding solution for your business, from large company logos on a spinnaker to smaller more delicate URL positioning on a boom bar.


Sports events are one of the most effective marketing tools around – so why not make the most of this exposure.

Hull branding can be as much or as little as you want – or your budget allows. Hull branding starts with a standard 1500mm x 500mm sticker on the side of the yacht which can be easily seen on the water, but can go as big as your logo and hull parameters will allow.

Applying your logo to the yacht hull turns your boat into a floating billboard. A great way to let the other Solent racing crews know exactly who you are! Prices start at £295 +VAT.

Two week lead time required.


If your marketing is more public focussed then a large banner flag might the best way to get your brand noticed from the shore.

A forestay flag is a single side printed flag flying on the front of the boat. Whilst you are moored up, the hull is generally obscured by the pontoon, so a forestay flag is a fantastic way to ensure that your brand is still clearly displayed whilst the boat is in the marina or motoring to the start line.

Approximately 7m long x 1m wide, they run up the forestay of the yacht and provide great brand visibility. Prices start at £295 +VAT.

Forestay Branding
Dodger branding


Your logo applied to a dodger, supplied with eyelets for attachment to the guard wires on the boat.

A dodger is a very cost effective method of getting your message across.


The spinnakers on our First 40 yachts are 140m² of flying billboard – and filled with your logo there is no better way to get yourself seen.

They are made to order and yours for their lifetime – so not only do they get flown whenever you are on the water with us but also throughout the year.

A spinnaker will give you maximum presence whilst on the water. Proudly displaying a 10m high graphic of your logo will certainly create brand stand-out.

Choosing a brightly coloured spinnaker not only looks eye-catching but it tends to attract the photographers too – ensuring that you leave the regatta with a folio of fantastic digital images you can use internally! 

Four week lead time required.

Spinnaker Branding


We offer companies the opportunity to sponsor a mainsail or spinnaker with their graphics for the lifespan of the asset. A great brand awareness tool, it will be used at key sporting events throughout the year, including the world famous Round the Island Race and Cowes week.

Speak to our Event Manager today to find out more about all of the sponsorship options available.


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