The key benefits of a corporate sailing event

The key benefits of a corporate sailing event

There are a number of ways to build employee and client relationships, from formal gala dinners to smaller incentive programme – but what if you could really ‘push the boat out’ with a corporate sailing event and give your stakeholders a team building or corporate day to remember?

A corporate sailing event offers a whole host of fabulous benefits, for both you and those your business relies on to succeed. Here, we take a look at the key benefits of taking part in a corporate sailing event.

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Builds strong client relationships

Planning and delivering a corporate event for current and potential clients can be an incredibly successful way of building strong, long term relationships. It allows you as an organisation to get to know your customers in a social setting while showing them that you are invested in them as individuals can assist in forming a respectful and trusting bond.

As an organisation, it’s important not to underestimate the value that having a few face-to-face conversations with current and potential clients can have. Combine that with arranging a top class hospitality event and you are on your way to building long term relationships that will stand your business in good stead for the future.

Increases internal morale

During some of the team building and corporate days that we have arranged here at Britannia Events, we have identified that taking your staff out of their normal day-to-day setting can be a great way to increase morale within your team. 

Consistently experiencing the same physical environment can have an adverse effect on employees ability to stay motivated and enthusiastic. Getting your team out of the office now and again provides a totally unique experience that can kick start a positive future for many. 

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Encourages creativity

If employees within your organisation are ultimately ‘stuck in a rut’ and are now almost acting on a conveyor belt mentality, taking part in a corporate event can be the perfect way to release creativity that has been previously left untapped. 

For example, during a corporate sailing day, delegates are out of their comfort zone and in ‘strange waters’, so are more likely to use their imagination to create a positive and creative experience where those involved will work in different ways to the norm in an attempt to achieve the very best outcome for their team. 

In itself, these are great ways to encourage creativity in individuals, which will hopefully leave employees re-tuned to return to the office and deliver great work.

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Supports and improves communication with all stakeholders

A corporate event such as a team building sailing day can be a great way to improve and enhance levels of communications between you as an organisation and your stakeholders. Whether you are delivering an event for staff, customers of shareholders, clear communication is a key component ensuring positive relationships within your business. 

From assisting employees with their communication skills and improving their ability to co-operate successfully with both you and your customer to enabling a platform that allows you to get to know your customers in an environment outside of the office, corporate events are excellent ways of opening up communication channels that may otherwise be stale or in some cases, non-existent. 

Builds a strong foundation for trust and respect

When you have a team of individuals out in an environment that is not familiar to them, be it employees or customers, it goes without saying that there will be an element of trust required to ensure that all involved have an enjoyable time, particularly when the event requires them to work as a team to ensure safety. The level of interaction required to ensure a positive day is had by all leads to an increased level of  respect for each other and also for the company in which they work for and with.

When considering a sailing day for a corporate event, it’s worth noting that the activities that participants are involved in will require them to learn about each other, including individual strengths and weaknesses, capabilities and anxieties, and in turn will help to build a trusting relationship outside of the office that will translate back to your bottom line. 

Find out more

At Britannia Corporate Events, we have a range of corporate sailing days and regattas available to help you experience the best team building day possible, whether you are looking to motivate, reward or inspire, all of our sailing days can be fully customised to meet your key objectives and are suitable for complete beginners to experienced yachtsman.

If you would like to find out more about our corporate sailing events, give our team a call today on 02380 458900 or email

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